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Ecoman srl people are:

  • Prof. Avv. Paolo Cecchetti, Assistant Professor – Environmental Law – at University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”.Ecoman srl CEO.
  • Prof.ssa Maria Balsamo, Full Professor – Zoology ; Chairman for the School of Ecology of climate changes – at University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”
  • Prof. Mario Beccari, former Full Professor – Industrial plants and process –  ; former Director of Chemestry Department  at University of Rome “La Sapienza”; Senior consultant at Environmental Ministry.
  • Prof. Gaetano Cecchetti, former Full Professor – Chemestry of environment; former Director of DiSTEVA Department at University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, former Senior consultant at Environmental Ministry
  • Prof. Enrico Rolle, former Full Professor – Healt Engineering – ; Director of Engineer Department at University of Rome “La Sapienza; Senior consultant at Environmental Ministry
  • Prof Riccard Santolini, Professor – Applied Ecology, EIA and landscape management – at University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” ; President of Italian Society of Ecology and Landscapes
  • Prof. Mario Zunino, former Full Professor – Zoology – at University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”; Visiting Professor at Universidad de la Frontera di Texuco (Chile); PhD Tutor at “Istituto de Ecologia” di Xalapa (Messico) and at Universidad di Alicante (Spagna) e Universidade do Mato Grosso (Brasile).


Paolo Cecchetti – Ecoman srl CEO

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