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Legal aspects, management and safety


Environmental permitting: EIA, SEA, IPPC

Ecoman gives technical and legal assistance during the proceeding of Environmental Impact Assessment (85/337/EEC), Strategic Environmental Assessment (2001/42/EC), for the issuance and management of IPPC Authorization (2008/1/EC) and Industrial Emissions Directive (Directive 2010/75/EU). Ecoman is able to manage all authorization and participatory procedures through an interdisciplinary approach aimed at solving any environmental issues.

Legal consultancy

The company provides legal advice on the matters listed above with regards to the interpretation of legislation and administrative procedures of control and participation, dedicated to environmental issues in order to avoid litigation in criminal, civil and administrative. The complexity of the legislation at both EU, state and regional levels, makes desirable for operators to have a preventive legal advice.

Ethical organization model in accordance the SA8000

Ecoman is able to help companies to adopt and implement ethical models like SA8000 standard. The corporate social responsibility has improving effects on business, both in European and at worldwide level. Companies bear their contribution, in particular to local communities, providing jobs, wages and benefits and tax revenues. On the contrary, companies depend on the health, stability and prosperity of the local community where they operate.

Health and safety

Ecoman assists companies in the tasks required by legislation in the field of health and safety. The society can evaluate all the work-related risks (Chemical risk, explosion risk etc..). Moreover for construction companies, Ecoman is able to draft specific documents for building authorization (Safety Plan and Security Operations Plans).

Alimentation tolerability and safety

Ecoman carries out plant and animal tissues analysis. It is possible to test the tolerability, the potential toxicity and biological activities of natural or synthetic, food-related, pharmacological, toxicological, agro-environmental substances or mixtures.


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