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Environmental Management and Landscape Analysis


Analysis and monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystems

Biodiversity is an indicator of environmental quality and ecological functionality. Methodological approaches of the biodiversity analysis allow to evaluate the location, the size and vulnerability of different species and human and natural resources in the area, showing the state of conservation and critical thresholds. This provides important knowledge tools in supporting the environmental assessment, design and planning.

Ecosystem Services analysis and evaluation

Functions of the ecosystems useful to human welfare (ecosystem services) are key factors for sustainable development and for territorial equalization that Ecoman can analyze and evaluate, ensuring innovative planning of resources, creating new models of land management also for companies that want to invest in the green economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility: carbon footprint

Through the various skills in its workforce Ecoman aims to create management models of environmental issues that enable customers to achieve the best results in terms of environmental sustainability of their business. Ecoman can provide advices and templates for the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in business operations and in the interaction with stakeholders, enhancing the reputation of the company and achieving a competitive advantage on the market. In this context, Ecoman experts have developed a considerable expertise in the development of projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and operating costs of business through a rethinking of certain inputs and production cycles. This in order to meet the strong sensitivity of the consumer and the local community where the company resides on the issue of climate change.

Planning and restoration of ecosystems, environmental engineering

The alteration of ecosystems caused by different levels of human activities requires careful evaluation of the conditions for the restoration of their functionality, in terms of biological productivity and induced activities (agritourism and ecotourism, sustainable supply chains). Ecoman provides expertise in planning, design, management and monitoring of programs, including environmental engineering, restoration, rehabilitation, improvement of the environment also in deprived areas and environmental risk.

Wildlife and spatial planning, ecological networks

Many laws highlight the need to plan environmental resources with reference to wildlife, vegetation and ecosystems. Biological and territorial data can be processed to highlight patterns and processes through geomatic and geostatistical procedures, in order to characterize and guide planning activities. This offers the opportunity to develop, within the different plans (Protected Areas, Strategic Plan, etc..), the conditions of sustainability of interventions and transformations.


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