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Environmental due diligence


Chemical analysis

Ecoman is able to offer companies the analytical activity through the laboratories of the University accompanied by a high-level consulting from the scientific, technical and legal point of view. The analysis can be performed on solid matrices (including soil), liquid (surface water, groundwater, discharges) and gas (emissions from chimneys and inputs to the soil). The environmental compliance can be monitored according to national and/or EU regulations.

Characterization and remediation of contaminated sites

The company offers a service that, from site characterization, through risk assessment, comes to the identification of the best remediation technology or technology train, planning the implementation and overseeing all phases of the process, operational and bureaucratic. In particular, the activities in this area include: the design of characterization and due diligence field investigations (soil gas, flow chambers, drilling, pumping tests), effects on biotic systems, planning of safety measures for emergency and rehabilitation, environmental restoration and mitigation measures design.

Monitoring and clean-up of asbestos

The company provides consulting services for problems related to the presence of materials containing asbestos (MCA), with reference to work plans and intervention programs, storage, packaging, transport and waste disposal, performing environmental monitoring for airborne fibers during clean-up operations by setting up confined yard.

Waste management

The company operates for the correct treatment of each type of waste, through their characterization and classification. Ecoman is able to assist clients from both analytical and administrative point of view.

Water management and water quality

Ecoman designs water treatment plants, that can be combined with phytoremediation, after a comprehensive study of the personal needs of the client, the audience and the biotic and abiotic characteristics of the sites, guaranteeing the highest quality standard aimed at protecting the resource and the quality of service provided to the community.


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